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  • 2 de mayo 2019

    El Día de la Diáspora y los Polacos en el extranjero, celebrado el 2 de mayo, fue establecido en el año 2002 por el Sejm de la República de Polonia como resultado de la iniciativa del Senado que “reconocía los logros y éxitos de la Diáspora Polaca y los Polacos en el extranjero y su contribución a la recuperación de la independencia de Polonia, así como su lealtad, compromiso y apoyo a su país en los momentos difíciles.”

    Poland’s government recognises the special role of the Polish diaspora and considers the cooperation with Polish communities abroad to be one of its priorities. In his address to the Polish Sejm in March this year, Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz stressed that "we would like our compatriots to become an important ally of the government in promoting Poland’s national interest, culture, national memory and historical narrative.”

    We believe that this jubilee is important for all our compatriots, no matter where they live, and therefore especially on this day we reach out to Poles abroad thanking them for their work and commitment to their country.

    According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about 20 million Poles and people of Polish origin currently live outside Poland. Many of them remained in the eastern territories after the state’s borders shifted, whereas others moved abroad more recently and make up Polish communities in Western countries. The largest Polish community is in the United States, where over 9.6 million people declared to be of Polish origin (2012).


    MFA Press Office

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